To do list


I wrote down some of the things I needed to get done tonight before I go to bed.

  • Cooking + pack lunches for work
  • Fold clothes and put them away
  • Vacuum The Kid’s room
  • Wash hair 
  • Tidy living room (thanks Babe for the mess) 
  • Mop floor

I was able to get ONE thing done…and that’s cooking. True is, I wasn’t in the mood to do anything today. I woke up late got food ready. Got driven bonkers by the Kid and the Babe, then I thought to myself, I need to vent!!! So I signed up for blogger. I spent 2 hours tying to figure out how this “blogging” thing works…Arrrg this week is going to be LONG…*Sigh* Well it is getting late, time for a shower. I promised the Babe some nooky tonight.


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