Remembering January 12, 2010


Today makes it one year since the earthquake in Haiti. My mother and many of my family members reside in Haiti. I don’t watch the news, So I didn’t know about it till later in the day when the Babe’s grandmother called to tell me what had happen. I was really calmed at first. Then I was unable to reach my mother. That’s when I started to lose it. I was scared for her and my love ones. My heart went out to all the people that lost their live that day. Those who lost their loved ones. My heart still goes out to the ones, till these day, that are experiencing hardship. The worst feeling would be the sense of hopelessness I felt during the early days after the earthquake. Wanting to DO something but knowing I’m lacking in so many ways. Sure I sent money to my family. But the little I sent seems to pale in comparison to the amount I should have be sending…

The earthquake made me realize just how important my mother is to me. Even though I have not seen her since I was 6 years old, I love her with all my heart and I am able to speak with her as if we have never been apart for all those years. I hope to be able to bring her to live with me one day. That is my goal.


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