Grandma’s boy


Today the Babe’s grandma came by to watched the kid. She is always lovely…the first few hours that is..then she gets antsy and can be really really..really eccentric? I like her a lot. She has always been kind to me. She’s loves her great-grandson, and is nice to the SisterDear. The one problem is that she is getting to that age, where she has to repeat herself…a lot…and she gets really jumpy about stuff. She gets irritated easily. Did I mention she likes to repeat herself a lot? I think it might be genetic, because the Babe likes to tell me the same stories, over, and over…and over again. Even the Kid will come to be and tell me something and will repeat it again for good measure…in his baby talk that I pretend to understand—-which I don’t. She loves the Babe so much that sometimes I get annoyed on how nice she is to him when she comes over for a visit. Truth is, I don’t believe in being at the beck and call of someone. When she comes over she  gets food ready for him (usually leftovers of whatever we had the previous night). She brings him drinks and snacks and..arrrgg I really don’t know why but it really annoys me…I guess I’m afraid the Babe will get too used to it and will expect me to do the same thing for him?! Don’t give me wrong, it doesn’t bother me to get him water when he ask or if he wants me to bring food to him after I slaved over it all day. I don’t mind…at…all…Isn’t that the price a wife must pay? Oh wait..that’s right, I’m NOT married! hahahaha Silly me getting ahead of myself. So my point is? Actually I don’t have a point, I just wanted to vent on what a grandma’s boy the Babe is. I still love him though


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