Grandma To the Rescue


The Babe’s Grandma came by for another visit today. She says her neighbor’s daughter was having a birthday party today, and we all know how elderly people can get when it comes to loud noise. A few weeks ago she came and stayed with us for 4 days because the daycare lady went on vacation and there wasn’t anyone else that we trust to watch the Kid (without going totally boonker, that is). During the first day the neighbor’s house sitter…who just happens to be the daycare lady’s nephew, was playing some really loud music. It was HELL!! Not so much because the music was loud, but because the Grandma was non-stop complaining about it. She didn’t  know what to do with herself. She was walking back and forth down the hallways saying: “Ma fille, sa musique est sacrément fort”. She repeats herself a lot so that’s pretty much all I kept hearing from 1 pm to 5pm. Then the Babe came home from work and I MADE him go downstairs. As soon as he came back up the music had stopped. So of course I started to mentally kick myself in the head, like, why in the world didn’t I think to go there myself??? What was I saying anyway? Oh right, the Grandma came for a visit. She came at the right time too. It’s laundry day. I had about 5 loads to do today. I don’t mind doing laundry, it’s the endless socks, shirts and  underwear  folding that drives me insane. Lucky for me Grandma LOVES folding. She had all 5 loads (plus 2 more from last week that  I never got around to fold) folded and neatly piled in baskets. Sigh, I love that woman.


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