The boy in the red shorts


I wasn’t allowed to go outside our apartment..unless it was to go to school, church or take out the trash. Let’s just say i LOVED taking out the trash. I was…14-15? Crushing over the cute light skinned boy in red shorts. He would be out there playing basketball with his buddies. I wanted to know him. Wanted to talk to him..even if it was through my bedroom window..I didn’t mind. I was in love. Or what i thought was love at the time. I got to know his friends and did what i had to do…I dropped what i thought were subtle hints…

I can’t remember all the details (old age will do that do ya), but one night he was at my window asking me to be his girlfriend…I said yes..and asked to know what his last name was. Strangely enough I didn’t find that out before starting my quest to win his heart?! We “dated” for a short time…one month? was it 3? And when i said “dated” i meant i saw him at school, and on the weekends i made sure there would always be trash to be taking out. We didn’t talk, or kiss, or hold hands. After we were officially “dating” he stopped wearing red shorts…they were blue now…or maybe he had more than one pair of shorts?!…But i liked the red ones…the blue ones weren’t…crush-worthy…

I soon found out that we weren’t meant to be. So I wrote him a letter…that is how people usually broke up back then..right?!! Anyway, i gave the letter to him and i think i might have said something about not to bother talking to me anymore…I don’t recall what i wrote in that letter, but he didn’t speak to me after that. I was crushed. I wanted to be missed. I wanted him to want to talk to me…I wanted him to wear his red shorts again…The joy i once felt when it was time to take the trash out was gone. Then i met…The boy with the dog named Mina** that called me ti-cherie…

**(name has been changed to protect the guilty)…

This is the end of the beginning of The boy with the dog named Mina**

***this happened a long, long…long time ago…but I wanted to share it***

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