Day 06 – Ten items you can’t live without.

  1. LIP PALM!!!! If I don’t have SOMETHING to put on my lips and they get to that stage of dryness, I started licking my lips. NON-STOP!!! I hate that >.<  So I don't leave the house house without it.
  2. TISSUE (to blow my nose)!!! I have…Allergies…the year long kind that makes me feel like I’m the only cursed soul in the world. If I’m out and I suddenly get a running nose, I simply HAVE to be able to blow my nose.
  3. MEAT. Alright…maybe not…I mean, I haven’t ” actually” tried to even live without it so not sure if I couldn’t. I like meat, a lot.
  4. DEODORANT. I have a very strong nose. I can’t stand the smell of must, yes, even if it is coming from me.
  5. A BOOK. The longest I ever went without reading was about 2 months. I can’t even take a proper crap if I don’t have SOMETHING to read.
  6. SOAP. How did people even do it back then when there wasn’t any soap??! Just the thought of not being able to take a shower with soap makes me feel all grimy >.<
  7. PAIN KILLERS. hahahah teasing 😉 Tylenol or Advil will do just fine. Although, I’m pretty sure that I’m immune  to them both =(
  8. LOTION. No one likes ashy skin
  9. COFFEE. I take mine with lots of cream and sugar. I may have a coffee addiction.
  10. Nothing else comes to mind.

SAW-EEE: Day 05 – Ten wishes.


I’m one day behind on my 10 day challenge….Truth is, I couldn’t come up with 10 whole wishes. I only have 1 wish. The first one is of course to win 10+ million dollars. With that, I can complete all my other “materialistic” dreams (like get a house and hire a maid to come in once a week to fold my laundry).  I thought of asking for more but life has a way to give you things you don’t really ask/need. Like for example, I thought about wishing for some awesome super power. But like the saying goes; With great powers, comes great responsibilities (I think I heard that from Superman or something).