So how will banning cabs make public transport safer for women?


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We seem to have a history of not making a serious effort to understand an issue.  Not even something as obvious and as simple, as in this Uber cab driver’s case.

Gurgaon: Cab driver rapes woman professional,

Here is what I think the focus should be on – 


The police verification document, dated May 2014, certified Yadav’s clean record, despite a case of rape being registered against him in 2011. During investigation, police found that Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, Southeast Delhi, L T Hrangchal, whose signature the form bears, was posted to Mizoram on February 18, 2013. – See more at: Driver permit: Police and Transport play ping-pong

The police claims the documents are forged – link  This should be taken very seriously.

How do we control crime if police verification documents cannot be absolutely relied upon?

2.  It seems the driver had been arrested…

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