About The Lady

A mother, a sister, the girlfriend who he refers to as his “wife“, and the friend you never call…but that’s cool I’m not even mad…really…
I’m scared of the unknown (who isn’t?)
I love my son, even though he drives me bonkers. I love my boyfriend (he happens to be the father of my child, so I sort of HAVE to love him. Right?!).  I wish I could be a stay at home mom/girlfriend, but in my younger years I got myself a credit card under the impression that it was free money…Imagine my shock, when I kept getting calls from the credit card company wanting to know when I planed on paying them back. SURREAL!! I learned my lesson, thank you very much. I love cooking, but I also love eating just as much.  With all the cooking and eating I have been doing, I’ve also gained 30 lbs that refuses to go away (not that I have been trying very hard to lose it either). I spend WAY too much time on Facebook and watching Korean dramas. If I had to choose between the two I’d choose my Korean dramas. Aja Aja Hwaiting 화이팅!! But since I don’t have to choose, life is just great. I love anything to do with South Korea. My love for them started in late 2007 when I suddenly found myself pregnant (who knew having sex could do that?),  on sick leave from work and bored out of my mind. My sister got me into watching Korean Dramas. I still remember the first drama we watched together, *sigh* memories. I LOVE their food. My dream is to one day go to South Korea and eat from one of those street  food cart I see all the time in Korean dramas. I would also like to get pissed drunk on Soju and  get  a piggyback ride back home. Hey, a girl can dream!
This blog, is about the rambling of a woman that secretly wishes she was married but scared at the same time, let’s face it, marriage is so final. The day to day life of raising a child with a partner that  has NEVER been around children in his whole life; “Babe, how hot should the water be for the kid?”.


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