Postpartum Pregnancy: What I Wish I Knew


Sandy Esprit


What I Wish I Knew About Life After Pregnancy….

First off, I want to say welcome to MOTHERHOOD! We are an exclusive group of ordinary woman gifted and entrusted to love, take care of and raise a brand new human being. This fun job comes with superpowers where strength undiscovered is suddenly utilized and where your love knows no bounds for your precious bundle of joy. Unfortunately, as amazing as motherhood is, there is a transition period that I personally was unaware of until after I had my baby girl. I thought I would share it with you.

img-20170423-wa000035789968.jpgWhat first caught me by surprise was lochia. What is lochia? I call it 9 months worth of menstruation that suddenly flows out of you for about 2 months. At least that’s what it felt like to me.

I couldn’t use a tampon because…well there’s something about pushing a human out of…

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Black Friday Deals and Steals 2015


Dani's Decadent Deals

Black friday, shopping deals, deals Black Friday Sales

Black Friday 2015 is quickly approaching and I thought I would share with you a few of the deals and steals that came my way!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you have a fabulous long weekend! 🙂

Black friday, shopping deals, deals I am already hungry! Here I am attacking a turkey

Queen Mary

Black friday, shopping deals, deals Queen Mary Black Friday Deals

 This event is always a blast! See the details all about it here –> QUEEN MARY CHILL.

Grapeline Wine Tour

Black friday, shopping deals, deals Grapeline Wine Tours Black Friday 40% off

I always love going wine tasting! We are actually heading out for  a wine tasting journey this weekend! Read all about my experience on Grapeline here in Paso Robles. –> GRAPELINE WINE TOURS ROCK!!

Le Montrose

Black friday, shopping deals, deals Le Montrose Suite Hotel Black Friday

We regularly stay at this hotel when we are in Hollywood and it is always a blast!  It is an all suite hotel in…

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My Top 9 Travel Websites To Search for the Best Travel Deals


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Travel websites, save money travelling, travel Washington DC

When booking travel it is important to know where to shop online to find the best deals.  Upon just returning home from Alaska, I was excited to write this article since I used several sites to book my trip in order to save money. In this trip alone, I used 4 different sites! In this post, I have included a few photos from some of the places I have visited over the years.:)

Travel websites, save money travelling, travel Las Vegas

Travel can get very pricy, but there are definitely a few tips I would like to share as to how to save money when you decide to book a trip.  First of all, I think it is much better to book in advance in order to get a variety of better deals on flights, hotels, and cars.  I recently learned this when travelling to Alaska because I always book in advance and for…

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19th Annual Taste of Anaheim 2014 at the Garden Walk


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taste of anaheim 2014, garden walk, foodies Taste of Anaheim Logo

This year’sTaste of Anaheim is coming very soon at the Garden Walk shopping center in the city of Anaheim, California which is conveniently located down the street from the happiest place on earth,

taste of anaheim 2014, garden walk, foodies My love and I tasting some of Disney’s Finest

Disneyland!  Every year I look forward to the “Taste of” events in which I get to enjoy food from all of the local restaurants I write about throughout the year.  It is a chance to try new places I have never been and to enjoy some old favorites with new items! 

taste of anaheim 2014, garden walk, foodies Taste of Anaheim 2013

There are so many fabulous restaurants in Anaheim and surrounding cities that will be participating at this year’s event including Dave & Buster’s, Slater’s 50/50 signature burgers, Rubio’s, Roy’s Hawaiian, Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen,Catal(read about No wine corkage fees…

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